Assault and Domestic Violence

Family Dispute

Have you been arrested for domestic violence? Assault charges including charges for domestic violence can create immediate uncertainty into an accused’s future. When the police receive a call alleging domestic violence, if injuries are present — even minor injuries — the alleged perpetrator is arrested and a no contact order is issued by the Judge assigned to the case. This can present an immediate hurdle for the accused because often times, the no contact order prevents people from returning to their home, contacting their spouse, and creates an overall chaotic situation. If the incident occurred in the presence of minor children, Child Protective Services (CPS) can become involved creating a whole other issue.

Having an experienced, aggressive attorney to protect your rights is essential. It is important to have an attorney early in the process because the Judge will consider issuing a bond at the first court appearance. Let the experienced attorneys at Buswa & Berry fight for you!o.

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