One of the most basic estate planning tools is a will. The writing of a will outlines who will be a beneficiary to your assets after you pass away. The document can be used to outline other things too including naming guardians for your children, creating trusts for your assets, and designating your wishes for a funeral.

When writing a will, there are a lot of things to consider. As your will attorneys, we will go over all your wishes regarding your property, personal assets, or business. The financial assets we will review include bank accounts, investments including savings bonds and stocks and retirement accounts.

We will also help you make plans for any insurance money including personal life insurance along with work or military death benefits.

A will can be updated and changed during your life. If you already have a will written and any circumstances in your life have changed including a divorce or a marriage, the birth or adoption of a child or the death of a beneficiary contact us to help you make updates.

Once you have a child through birth or adoption it is imperative to outline who you want to be his or her guardian if you and the other parent were to pass away. As a parent, planning for the well-being and future of your child is no doubt your number one priority. A will is a great tool to provide you with peace of mind regarding your child’s welfare.

Wills are complicated documents and as your will attorney, we will review all the things you need to consider when making plans for your estate. From outlining debts to listing heirs for pieces of property, we can handle the entire process for you. Our goal is to streamline the development of the document now to ensure problems are avoided when you pass away.